What substrate is the penetration crystalline waterproofing agent permanent setting liquid DPS suitable for
July 19th, 2024

Penetrating crystalline waterproofing agent, also known as permanent setting liquid DPS, is suitable for what substrate. Under what circumstances can it be used.

The English name for the permanent setting liquid DPS is Deep Penetrating Sealer. DPS is an acronym that translates to "Deep Penetrating Crystalline Sealer". It can be seen that it acts inside the concrete, rather than the lotus leaf effect of water droplets on the surface.

The principle of DPS is to deeply penetrate into the interior of concrete and react with free alkali in the concrete to form crystals, which seal the capillary pores of the concrete and prevent the transfer of water.

DPS has hydrophilicity and will continuously react and crystallize to seal the concrete layer in the presence of water. So the longer the time, the better the concrete will seal and the better the waterproof effect will be.

So DPS does not react with crystallization on materials such as tiles, red bricks, and bricks, and has no crystallization function. If it can be used on these materials and achieve a lotus leaf effect after spraying, then it must be silicone.

The function of organosilicon is simple, it has a hydrophobic surface, no internal crystallization function, and a short lifespan. DPS is inorganic silicon that does not age and has the same lifespan as concrete

DPS can only be used for the base surface of concrete or cement mortar, and the cement mortar layer should ideally reach 2cm or more


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